After the tension of Pelosi's visit, a comparison between the US and Chinese military

4 August, 2022
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After the tension of Pelosi's visit, a comparison between the US and Chinese military

A Chinese newspaper revealed, on Wednesday, that the visit of Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the US House of Representatives, to Taiwan, increased fears of a clash between the Chinese and American armies.

The Chinese newspaper, "South China Morning Post", said, "The US military initially opposed Pelosi's visit to prevent any skirmishes with China, which is what Pelosi herself mentioned when she said, "Maybe the army was afraid of shooting down our plane or something like that by the Chinese."

She added, "During the visit, the US military command deployed warships, including the "Ronald Reagan" attack carrier in the South China Sea, as well as an aircraft carrier and three destroyers that conduct routine patrols in the South China Sea and the Philippine Sea.

And she added, "The live-fire exercises launched by the Chinese army in the vicinity of the island of Taiwan, their coordinates indicate that they are twenty kilometers from the coast of Taiwan."

According to the estimates of military experts, the outbreak of a military clash between the first and third most powerful armies in the world would be a devastating war, which could lead the world to World War III.

The Chinese army had pre-empted that visit, by publishing its account on the social networking site Weibo, a video clip of its forces' preparations, commenting on it with the phrase "Get ready for war."

And until next Sunday, China is conducting military exercises in 6 regions in all directions of the island of Taiwan, which, on Wednesday, considered that these maneuvers "amount to the air and sea blockade of the island."

According to observers, the escalation of tensions between Beijing and Taipei may necessitate Washington to intervene as a third party in the military conflict to support its ally against China... What are the capabilities of the two armies in the event of any confrontation? Who is the strongest militarily?

US Army

The US military, according to the "Global Fire Power" website, ranked first in the armies of about 140 countries around the world.

The population of the United States of America is 332 million and has a manpower of 146 million available for military service. As for the US military, there are about 2.245 million soldiers, including 845.5 thousand of the reserve forces.

As for military equipment, the United States of America owns 13,233 warplanes, including 1,966 fighters, 761 attack aircraft, more than 950 military cargo planes, 5,436 military helicopters, including 904 attack helicopters, in addition to 6,100 tanks, 40,000 armored vehicles, 1,500 self-propelled guns, 1,340 field defenders, and 1,365 rocket launchers.

As for the naval fleet, Washington has about 490 naval units, including 11 aircraft carriers, 92 destroyers, 68 submarines, in addition to 8 minesweepers, and plans to own 373 manned ships and about 150 robotic ships by 2045.

As for nuclear warheads, it has 3,750 nuclear warheads, while the US defense budget is estimated at 740 billion dollars.

Chinese army

According to the statistics of the US "Global Firepower" website for the year 2022, the Chinese army is ranked third in the world, and the population of this Asian country is about 1.394 billion people.

The number of Chinese armed forces exceeds 3 million soldiers, of whom 2 million are actively serving in the army. And 619 million people “fit for military service,” and about 20 million people reach the age of conscription annually.

The Air Force is ranked third in the world with 3,285 aircraft, including 120 fighters, 371 attack aircraft, 912 helicopters, 281 attack helicopters, in addition to other military pieces.

According to the data of the ground forces, China has 5,250 tanks, 35,000 armored vehicles, 4,120 self-propelled artillery, 1,734 rocket launchers and 3,160 rocket launchers.

As for the naval fleet, it ranks first in the world with 777 naval units, 2 aircraft carriers (and a third under construction), a helicopter carrier, 41 destroyers, 49 frigates, 70 cruisers, 79 submarines and 152 patrol ships.

China also possesses 350 nuclear warheads, including 204 long-range missiles launched from land launchers and 48 on submarines, 20 "gravity bombs" dropped from aircraft, as well as thousands of ICBMs.

The army continues to modernize its forces in an effort to surpass America's technological superiority, and according to the Pentagon, last year it launched a supersonic glider that circled the Earth at a speed of more than 6,000 km per hour, a weapon that Washington apparently does not possess.

The annual budget of the Chinese army, according to "Global Fire Power", is estimated at about $230 billion.

Military expert Vladimir Igor says that "Beijing, under the guise of the military exercises that it announced, may impose a complete naval and air blockade on Taiwan, noting that China possesses the military capabilities that qualify it to close the entire maritime space around Taiwan for the duration of the exercises."

He added to Sky News Arabia, "With this blockade, no ships, even civilian ships, will be able to enter Taiwan's ports, which is a blow to the island's economy and stops global trade."

And he added, "Washington is trying to implement its expansion plans around the world by promoting the theory of the Chinese threat, and it is trying to show China that it represents a current and future challenge to its naval power, which is part of its strategy that it adopts as a major axis to impose its maritime hegemony around the world."

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