An innovative idea for a job... Here's what this lady did!

27 September, 2022
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An innovative idea for a job... Here's what this lady did!

An American woman used an idea that seemed strange to some, but was innovative to others: to send her resume printed on a candy bar to a company in order to get a job.

And the American woman wanted to be ahead of others in the competition for a job after she learned that the company in question had opened the door for employment, according to the New York Post website.

Carly Pavlinak Blackburn, from North Carolina, wrote on her account on the professional social networking site "LinkedIn" that she had applied to compete for a job with the giant American sportswear company "Nike".

I attached the comment with a picture showing her biography on the surface of the cake, with all the details recognized in this document, including name, academic certificates, and professional experiences. But there was only one difference in the cake, which was that the American lady wrote her name in a large font at the end of the biography, in a move apparently intended to remind the giant company's officials of her name so that they would not forget her.

She wrote: "Two weeks ago I sent my CV on a cake to Nike. Yes, a CV that works on the back of a cake pop."

She added that the giant company was organizing a celebration on the occasion of what is known as (Just Do It day), a celebration in which employees practice sports, and it was on September 8.

The 27-year-old said she "thought of a way to let the Nike team know who I am".

And what better way than to send a cake to a big party? After she ordered the cake from a store, she sent it with a driver to the Nike party, and asked her to hand the cake to the person in question.

Initially, the driver was asked to leave a "sweet CV" at the front desk, but the driver insisted that the cake be handed over to the person concerned.

After a great effort amid the presence of large numbers of Nike employees in the celebration, the cake reached the concerned person, who liked the idea.

Carly was recently laid off, which made her interested in working for the sportswear giant.

This idea appears to have paid off, as Carly said she had contacted a company official, and had close interviews with her representatives.

The comment spread like wildfire on LinkedIn and other social networks.

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