Arkansas baseball fan catches raccoon in the stands

18 May, 2022
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Arkansas baseball fan catches raccoon in the stands

A University of Arkansas baseball fan became a viral hero when he used his bare hands to catch a raccoon that dashed through the stands in between innings.

Grant Harmon, 24, of Fayetteville, was attending the Razorbacks' game against Vanderbilt University when a raccoon caused chaos in the stands in between the seventh and eighth innings.

Harmon was caught on camera catching the raccoon by the scruff of the neck and carrying it out of the stadium.

"The opportunity just came about, and I guess I just took action and grabbed it," Harmon told the Southwest Times. "That was a first. I have no prior experience grabbing raccoons."

Harmon said police at the stadium advised him to release the raccoon in the parking lot, which he did.

"It was definitely a first for me, but I mean, it wasn't anything I was afraid of necessarily," Harmon told HawgBeat. "Raccoon hunting is not an uncommon thing in my family and friends. It was definitely something I was roughly familiar with, just maybe not in that exact sense."

Harmon said the raccoon bit him once on the hand.

"I was about to walk back into the stadium, and the cop was like, 'Uh, you need to go get a rabies shot, like, right now,'" Harmon said. "I drove to an ER that was close by, and they gave me my first round of rabies shots last night."

Harmon said he has three more rounds of rabies shots coming, but they won't keep him from attending more Razorbacks home games.

"If I have the chance to make it to Baum-Walker," he said, "I definitely do."

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