Barcelona will visit Australia for the first time next month .. What is the reason?

6 April, 2022
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Barcelona will visit Australia for the first time next month .. What is the reason?

Barcelona, ​​the five-time European champion, announced that it will visit Australia for the first time next month to meet a team of the stars of the Australian Football League (AFL) in a friendly in Sydney. The match will be held in Sydney's Olympic Stadium, which has a capacity of 80,000 spectators, on May 25, a few days before the end of the season.


Australia was a regular stopover for major European clubs before the country imposed strict restrictions during the Covid-19 pandemic.


In the past, the presence of prominent clubs such as Liverpool, Manchester United and Chelsea attracted large numbers of fans for lucrative friendly matches.


A video clip went viral of more than 95,000 spectators singing "You'll Never Walk Alone" before an exhibition match involving Liverpool at Melbourne Cricket Ground in 2013.


United and England's Crystal Palace will play friendlies in Melbourne in July this year, but plans to hold Glasgow's first derby outside Scotland were scrapped when Rangers withdrew from the Sydney Super Cup after complaints from fans.


Barcelona achieved its sixth consecutive victory in the league, as well as the eighth victory in nine matches, to continue advancing in the table.


The brilliant young Pedri led his Barcelona team to a 1-0 victory over its guest and rival Sevilla, and clinched the second place in the Spanish Football First Division, on Sunday.

Pedri (19 goals) made himself the only goal of the match in the way of Lionel Messi at the beginning of his career in Barcelona, ​​​​and before moving to Paris Saint-Germain last summer.


The midfielder grabbed the ball outside the penalty area among several of his opponents, but he dribbled them with grace and quick skill, before firing a powerful shot into the corner away from Moroccan goalkeeper Yassine Bounou.


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