Because of these sleeping habits... you may develop an asymptomatic disease

23 September, 2022
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Because of these sleeping habits... you may develop an asymptomatic disease

Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease affects people due to obesity, underlying health conditions, unhealthy lifestyle habits, as well as sleeping habits, which recent research suggests can also determine whether one is at greater risk. ".

Sleep is an essential part of our life that helps us maintain the capacity of our mind and fill our bodies with energy. Without sleep, a person will be tired all the time, and this may have a psychological impact on him. Interestingly, however, a report from the International Society of Endocrinology notes that a person's sleep can affect their risk of developing fatty liver disease. Staying up late: Fatty liver disease is the accumulation of excess fat in the liver, which is often the result of poor diet choices and a sedentary lifestyle.

According to researcher, Yan Liu, from the A*STAR Research and Science Agency in Singapore, sleep habits such as napping, snoring and staying up late hours can play a role in increasing the risk of developing this disease, noting that people who suffer from a lack of sleep during the night and naps. Long during the day are more likely to develop fatty liver disease.

The results of the endocrine society study revealed that "moderate improvement in sleep quality is associated with a 29 percent reduction in the risk of fatty liver disease." "Given that the large proportions of people with poor sleep quality go undiagnosed or untreated, the study calls for further research in this area and the development of strategies to improve sleep quality," Professor Liu said.

Some effective tips that can help you sleep better and avoid developing any health risks due to poor sleep quality include:

Stick to a consistent sleep schedule as much as possible 

- Not going to bed hungry or after a large meal

- Avoid nicotine and caffeine

- Create a calm and relaxing environment before bed

- Have a limited daytime nap.

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