Environmental design.. Saudi woman necklace makes a necklace of ice cubes to fight the hot weather

16 September, 2022
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Environmental design.. Saudi woman necklace makes a necklace of ice cubes to fight the hot weather

In light of the heat waves experienced by many countries around the world, many are trying to devise solutions to cool themselves and the environment in which they live.

In a one-of-a-kind project, design studio GOLEM, in collaboration with Saudi jewelry designer, Laila Al Mohalmi, has created an “OoOoooOooooOh la l’ice” necklace made of ice cubes.

GOLEM founder Ariel Claudette said in an interview with CNN in Arabic that the idea for this necklace came last summer during a nightclub party in the German capital, during one of the most intense heat waves Germany has ever experienced.Club visitors tried to cool themselves with ice cubes.

"This is how we came up with the idea of ​​making a piece of jewelry that consists of solid water stones," Al-Muhalami confirmed in an interview with CNN in Arabic.

The necklace is a silver chain decorated with ice cubes, and comes with a custom-made silicone tray that allows the wearer to place it in the refrigerator to freeze as needed.

But this design can be worn as a regular necklace as well. "It was important to me that the piece preserves its aesthetics, when not frozen," Mohalmi asserts.

Saudi Arabia indicated that the piece is long enough to be placed as a long traditional necklace, and it can also be placed as a "choker" necklace. It is reported that the necklace dissolves after about 30 minutes, or an hour.

According to a statement from the designers, this process, generated by the wearer's body heat, reflects the human influence on natural cycles, and illustrates the role humans play in dangerously accelerating global warming and desertification.

“At a time when water resources are being privatized, and water scarcity is affecting all countries around the world, water is turning from an overlooked commodity to one of the most desirable luxury goods,” Claudette explained.

After sketching the initial idea together in Berlin, Claudette, who had returned to Paris, and El Mahmy, who had returned to Amsterdam, kept communicating online to complete work on the necklace and refine its design.

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