Expired foods, but they can still be eaten.. so what are they?

8 June, 2022
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Expired foods, but they can still be eaten.. so what are they?

There are many foods that are discovered to be expired, and many of us feel remorse that they have expired, while he kept them inside the kitchen cupboard, or because he did not pay attention to the expiry date, or perhaps he spent a long time outside the house, which did not give him enough time to eat it during the expiry time .

Many of us are unaware that there are some foods that can be consumed even after the expiry date written on them, and these foods do not include all types of meat and fish.

And according to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, the list may include some types that remain fit for consumption for several years, including:

1- canned foods

Most canned foods are suitable for consumption after their expiration date, provided that they are properly stored in a well-ventilated place away from direct light, and that the packaging is intact and has not been exposed to any external damage. Under these conditions, canned foods remain fit for consumption for up to 4 years.

2- Biscuits and crackers

Biscuits and crackers are best eaten as soon as you buy them, as they may lose some of the "crunch", but that does not mean that they remain fit for consumption for weeks after opening.

To restore the “crunchy” of biscuits and crackers, it can be placed on paper towels, then placed in the microwave for about 40 seconds, and then left for a few minutes, after which we will find that it has regained the delicious “crunchy”.

3- Pasta

Dried pasta usually has a long shelf life, but this shelf life may extend further if it is kept in a dry, well-ventilated place, preferably in an airtight container.

This way, the pasta can be preserved long after its expiry date which is stated on the package for up to 3 years.

4- Frozen vegetables

The temperatures inside the freezer usually preserve the validity of frozen vegetables for a very long time. Eating frozen vegetables that have been kept in the freezer for a long time is not harmful, although the texture of the vegetables may vary, but there is no harm in that. 

5- Bread

For different types of bread, the expiration date applies if you keep the baked goods on the kitchen counter, and if those baked goods are exposed to high temperatures, “mold” will begin to appear on the outer crust of those baked goods after a few days.

However, if the baked goods are kept in the fridge (refrigerator) or freezer (frozen), this will ensure that those baked goods will last much longer than the expiry date written on it.

6- Pickles and jams

Pickles are prepared by adding table salt and vinegar, which makes their environment acidic, and this prevents any bacteria from forming on them. Pickles are valid for consumption for more than two years after the expiration date written on the packages, provided that the package is sealed and kept inside (the refrigerator). This theory applies to different types of jam as well.

7- Yogurt

If the package has not been opened, you can use the yogurt for two weeks after the expiry date written on the package and in any case, if any smell is emitted from the package, it means that the package is damaged and should not be consumed in this case.

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