For longer and thicker hair.. this is the perfect timing to cut it

4 June, 2022
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For longer and thicker hair.. this is the perfect timing to cut it

Opinions vary on the importance of cutting hair regularly to be healthy and attractive and become longer with time, but there are some other opinions that believe that the importance of hair cutting lies in timing, according to the “The Daily Crisp” website, there is some correlation between hair cutting and the position of the moon in the sky. The moon has a great impact on the earth, especially its effect on the tides, and the moon affects the help of plants to grow significantly, and helps farmers know when to harvest the crop.

Phases of the moon

Before cutting hair, you must know the different phases of the moon, because each phase means something different for the hair, and the moon goes through 8 different phases. Here are the most prominent of these phases:


The new moon

This means that the moon is between the earth and the sun, and this means that it is completely obscured in the sky.

Waning crescent

This period is days after the new moon, and the moon is visible in the sky in the form of a small piece.

First Quarter

The first quarter means that at this stage the moon only illuminates its first half for the eyes.

Full moon

This is in the case of the full moon, and it is illuminated by the sun and it is full.


Waning means that the full moon turns smaller, and returns again until it is half lit. Third quarter

At this point the moon is half full again, like the first quarter phase.

Waning crescent

At this point, it is the last phase of the lunar cycle, less than half of the moon can be seen in the sky, and it ends at sunrise, indicating a new lunar cycle.

How to benefit from the lunar cycle for hair

The stretching forces of the moon are stronger when the moon is full, and if the hair is cut during this time, this encourages the hair to grow significantly, and that is why most people are keen to cut hair during the thirteenth and fourteenth day of the Islamic month, and it is believed that the body and hair will take Any nutrients given at this time, and this is the best time to put hair masks and treatments for it, and it will repair it more deeply, and more efficiently. 

For faster growth

Hair should be cut within two weeks before the full moon, that is, the stage before the full moon, for the fastest hair growth.

For thicker hair

If you want to have hair you should trim or cut the hair, at the beginning of the full moon, when it is fully lit.

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