For this reason, the pressure test should be taken from the arms

6 August, 2022
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For this reason, the pressure test should be taken from the arms

Blood pressure should be checked on a person's arms, not just one, a new study finds.

The new study, which was detailed by the British newspaper "Daily Mail", on Friday, stated that millions of cases of high blood pressure could not be detected by the current screening method, which is based on examining blood pressure from one arm.

According to the Mayo Clinic website, high blood pressure occurs when the long-term force of blood against the walls of the arteries is so high that it leads to health problems such as heart attack and stroke, which are two of the biggest causes of death.

When the amount of blood pumped by the heart increases, the arteries narrow, and blood pressure rises. 

The new study was conducted on 50,000 adults, and analyzed the differences in the results given by examining one or both arms.

And when the blood pressure reading was taken from the two arms, it was discovered that 12 percent of the total participants who were examined on one arm showed that they do not suffer from high blood pressure, and this means that the examination of this type is not accurate.

"Hypertension is a global problem, and mismanagement can be fatal," said Christopher Clark, the study's lead author and physician at the University of Exeter.

 Clark added: "Failure to examine both arms and relying on the higher reading, will not only lead to failure in diagnosis and treatment, but also underestimate the risks to millions of people around the world."

He added: "It is impossible to predict which arms are better (in terms of examination), because some people have a higher reading in their left arm compared to the right." "So it is important to examine both arms," ​​he continued.

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