Have you not caught a corona infection until today? Here are the scientific explanations for that!

23 May, 2022
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Have you not caught a corona infection until today? Here are the scientific explanations for that!

More than two years after the Corona virus pandemic, which claimed millions of lives and injuries around the world, and left its effects on a large number of infected people even after months of recovery, a number of studies have proven that there are a number of people who have not been infected with the Corona virus so far, some described them With "superheroes".

According to “theconversation”, more than 60% of people in the UK have tested positive for corona at least once, with varying severity of symptoms, and there are already a large number who have contracted the virus but have not shown symptoms, but even with this in mind it is still There is probably a group of people who have not had it before. Are they supernatural? Are they immune? Or is there a scientific explanation for this, these questions continued throughout the epidemic, and are still ongoing, and given the mystery of this virus since its appearance, until now there is no clear answer, but there are several scientific explanations.

1- Not dealing with the virus

This was the first and furthest from the truth, that these people had never come into contact with the virus.

It is the people who do not suffer from chronic diseases, and strictly follow the necessary precautions and precautionary measures, to avoid possible exposure to the virus.

But with the emergence of Omicron, one of the fast-spreading strains of the coronavirus, that explanation has become impossible because someone is unlikely to be going to work or school, socializing and shopping and not having been near someone infected with the virus.

2- Differences in the immune response

The preponderant theory was their immune response, and it is reported that each person's immune response is different from the other, and there are some people, despite their exposure to the virus, but it fails to form an infection even after entering the airways. This may be due to a lack of receptors needed to reach the cells.

Once a person has been infected, researchers have determined that differences in the immune response play a role in determining the severity of symptoms. A rapid and robust immune response can prevent the virus from reproducing to any significant degree in the first place. The effectiveness of our immune response to infection is largely determined by our genetics.

3- Infection with other types before

Another explanation is previous infection with other types of coronaviruses, which cause reactive immunity, and here an immune response occurs.

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