Healthy Potato Wedges

27 September, 2022
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Healthy Potato Wedges


Potatoes: 3 (large size / peeled and cut into wide fingers and boiled)

Olive oil: a tablespoon

Salt: a teaspoon

Black pepper: a quarter of a teaspoon

Italian seasoning: 1 teaspoon

Paprika: a quarter of a teaspoon

Garlic powder: a quarter of a teaspoon

Oregano: a teaspoon

Oil: as needed (for greasing the oven tray)

How to prepare

Put the boiled potatoes in a bowl.

Add olive oil, salt, black pepper, Italian spices, paprika, garlic powder, and oregano.

Gently stir the potatoes with the spices until combined.

Transfer the potatoes to an oiled oven tray.

Put the tray in the oven at a temperature of 190 degrees Celsius for 20 minutes, then redden it and serve it hot

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