Hizbullah chief Sayyed Nasrallah in televised speech on elections

18 May, 2022
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Hizbullah chief Sayyed Nasrallah in televised speech on elections
Nasrallah: We have told our supporters that the "Shia, Shia, Shia" slogan is inappropriate.
Nasrallah: Shooting in the air is haram (forbidden in Islam).
Nasrallah: Any Hizbullah member who shoots in the air will be expelled.
Nasrallah to supporters: We want calm and stability and we don't want provocations.
Nasrallah: I call on supporters not to stage motorbike rallies after my speech.
Nasrallah: Lebanon must be a single electoral district based on proportional and non-sectarian representation and youths from the age of 18 must have the right to vote, so that the number of MPs can reflect popular choices.
Nasrallah: The numbers of MPs do not truly reflect popular will... Under such a system, one must look at the number of voters, not MPs.
Nasrallah: The Saudi ambassador was the "strongest electoral campaign" in the elections.
Nasrallah: The state could have set up seven or eight megacenters to make voting easier for the people.
Nasrallah: We're all concerned with pacifying the country and bickering will not lead to a result.
Nasrallah: We call for pacifying the political rhetoric.
Nasrallah: The interest of the Lebanese people might be in what happened.
Nasrallah: It is not true that the majority has shifted from one place to another.
Nasrallah: No political camp in the country can claim to have the parliamentary majority.
Nasrallah: The resistance and its allies have a strong and big presence in the new parliament.
Nasrallah to supporters: You achieved a very big victory and we must be proud of it in light of the battle's circumstances.
Nasrallah: We have witnessed the biggest theft operation in Lebanon's history.
Nasrallah: A huge media campaign targeted the resistance and its allies, in addition to the financial and social crises.
Nasrallah to supporters: You have provided the needed safety net for the resistance and its arms in the face of the declared campaign.

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