How did the Ice Bucket Challenge Contribute to Multiple Sclerosis?

4 October, 2022
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How did the Ice Bucket Challenge Contribute to Multiple Sclerosis?

The US Multiple Sclerosis Society revealed the positive contribution of the "ice bucket" challenge, which went viral on social media platforms in 2014.

The association said that the videos of the "ice bucket" challenge greatly helped in reaching an initial treatment for more than two million people with multiple sclerosis around the world.

She added that this challenge contributed to raising more than two million US dollars, allocated to fund 130 research projects in 12 countries, in addition to testing 40 potential treatments under development.

One of the most notable treatments that has benefited from pooled funding from the Ice Bucket Challenge is an FDA-approved medical compound called AMX0035.

The new drug is not considered a definitive cure for multiple sclerosis, but it slows its effects and complications. What is the Ice Bucket Challenge?

In 2014, social media platforms celebrated several clips of people pouring water with ice from a bucket on their bodies.

These clips were known as the "Ice Bucket Challenge" as an expression of solidarity with patients with multiple sclerosis, or what is known as multiple sclerosis.

More than 17 million people have posted videos of the challenge, including hundreds of celebrities, athletes and politicians.

The challenge supported research on the disease that affects more than 2.5 million people worldwide.

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