How to make bath towels fragrant?

23 November, 2022
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How to make bath towels fragrant?

Reasons responsible for smelly towels

Sterilization of the washing machine: Washing towels in a dirty washing machine will negatively affect the cleaning results! Therefore, it is correct to take care of the washing machine by running it, empty, after pouring half a cup of bleach into the drawer, as well as cleaning the filter. After completing the (empty) wash cycle, add the towels.

Using laundry bleach: If the bad smell sticks to the towels, after washing and cleaning the washing machine, this means that bacteria are still “dwelling” in them, so it is possible to run the washing machine again, adding towels and pouring bleach.

Deep cleaning of towels: It is correct to wash a small number of very dirty towels, or three of them, in one cycle, using hot water, regular detergent and vinegar (or essential oils added to the fabric softener drawer), with the importance of quickly spreading the towels after the end of the cycle. Because the warm environment in the washing machine is a cause for bacteria to multiply.

Bathing: It is recommended to rub the body well with soap, especially the areas of the feet, underarms, and thighs, because the opposite causes bacteria to transfer from the body to the towel.

Hanging Towels: A towel rack is ideal for airing towels. Conversely, towels that are not hung can build up bacteria between each use.

Wash the towels regularly.

How to perfume the towels?

Wash the towels with warm water in the washing machine, with the addition of detergent. In the rinse cycle, pour a cup of white vinegar. Then, wash the towels again, using half a cup of baking soda powder, without adding laundry detergent. The towels are automatically dried, after that, with two new “tennis” balls placed in the washing machine, which makes the towels softer.

Drying has a role in getting rid of the unpleasant smell of towels.

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