Important anti-aging tips.. get to know them

30 July, 2022
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Important anti-aging tips.. get to know them

Skin aging is one of the most important problems that we all face, so we strive to combat this problem by looking for ways that enable us to maintain fresh and youthful skin.

With this in mind, The Times of India reports the following tips to combat aging skin:

Choose a natural sunscreen

Foods like chocolate, carrots and green tea increase lycopene, a factor that protects the skin from the sun, so experts recommend including it in your diet.

Playing sports

Exercising is great for your skin because it releases a compound that promotes healthy skin, so experts recommend exercising regularly to keep your skin looking supple.


Experts say that the face needs regular massage, which ensures that the skin is characterized by elasticity, because the lack of elasticity of the skin accelerates its aging.

continuous hydration

It is necessary to maintain constant hydration of the skin to prevent premature aging, so it is recommended to take adequate amounts of water and fluids.

Drink green juices

Eating sugar and foods that contain it contain a lot of toxins that may harm the skin, so experts recommend eating fresh green juices that rejuvenate the skin and avoiding juices that contain added sugars.

Peeling skin

It is necessary to exfoliate the skin on a regular basis, because it provides regeneration to the skin cells, which gives a natural freshness to the skin.

Always remove makeup

An unclean face filled with makeup products instantly clogs pores and causes collagen breakdown in the long run, so remove your makeup every day.

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