In a terrible traffic accident... Ronaldo loses the third most expensive car in his fleet

21 June, 2022
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In a terrible traffic accident... Ronaldo loses the third most expensive car in his fleet

It seems that trouble is still chasing Manchester United star Cristiano Ronaldo, after a disappointing season with his team, even while he is spending his summer vacation

The British newspaper, The Sun, reported that one of the Portuguese star's "Bugatti" cars had crashed in the Spanish city of Mallorca, following a traffic accident.

According to the preliminary investigations of the Spanish police, the driver (not Cristiano) lost control of the car, which continued on its way until it crashed into the wall of a country house in Sa Coma, a city located on the east coast of Mallorca.

In addition to the Spanish police, Civil Guard officers attended to inspect the place, at a time when it was confirmed that the accident was not caused by a collision of two cars, and no one was harmed, including the driver.

 As a result, the front end of the car was smashed, in addition to the destruction of a store of butane gas cylinders in the place.

The newspaper quoted Spanish police as saying: "It appears that one of Cristiano's employees was driving his car at the time, not Ronaldo himself, and certainly was not at the scene when the officers arrived."

He added, "The car hit a wall and there was only material damage and no one was injured, and the driver admitted his action, and was ready to take full responsibility for what happened."

She explained: "The information about the driver is available to us if the court decides to conduct further investigations, or even if the owner of the affected property demands compensation."

According to the newspaper "The Sun", the "Bugatti Veyron", which crashed in the accident, is the third most expensive car in Cristiano's fleet of cars, with a price of 1.7 million pounds (about two million dollars).

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