In Erbil, a student dumps a bullet at the dean of the college and hits his bodyguard

29 June, 2022
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In Erbil, a student dumps a bullet at the dean of the college and hits his bodyguard

Salah al-Din University lived in Erbil, the capital of the Kurdistan region of Iraq, on Tuesday, a terrible shock, the dean of the college was killed.

A former student stormed the entrance to the university to shoot the dean of the college, Kawan Ismail, killing him, and wounding his bodyguard as well.

In the details, security sources in Erbil told that the student (A.A.) committed his crime after the Dean of the College of Law in Salah al-Din refused to accept him at the university, and transferred him from Soran University, after submitting a request in this regard several times.

 5 bullets

The young man was only threatening Ismail, which prompted the latter to expel him, and file a lawsuit against him.

However, the perpetrator was not deterred, so he went to the university today and emptied his bullets into the dean's body.

Before that, he went to the house of another professor working at Soran University, but she was not there and her husband was also killed, in retaliation for her.

While the governor of Erbil, Omid Khoshnaw, explained that the suspect attacked the professor's house in the morning, but "she was not in the house, so they killed her husband inside the house. Then he went to the Salah al-Din complex and fired 5 bullets at the dean of the college, which led to his death after he was transferred to Erbil Emergency Hospital. 

arrest suspect

He also explained in a joint press conference with Minister of Health Saman Al-Barzanji, Erbil city police director, Diler Al-Najjar, and a number of local officials, that the case dates back to years ago, when the accused student was dismissed from the College of Law in Soran, but he tried to return again, but the laws did not allow So.

He added that the student threatened Dr. Kawan Ismail, and the police arrested him, but the judiciary released him later on bail.

It is noteworthy that the Kurdistan police were later able to arrest the suspect, pointing out that he used a "pistol to carry out his crime."

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