It should be deleted immediately .. Google bans 13 popular Android applications

2 August, 2022
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It should be deleted immediately .. Google bans 13 popular Android applications

Smartphone holders resort to downloading hundreds of thousands of applications on their devices for various purposes, including work, entertainment, entertainment, communication, and others. However, some of these applications may pose a risk to the device or even to the user's information (data).

In this context, millions of Android users received a new warning as security experts discovered 13 common applications that cause chaos in smartphones.

The malware, spotted by McAfee's security team, has the ability to fill devices with endless and highly intrusive ads that pop up constantly and take over the entire screen.

When you download these apps on the device, these annoying adware are installed which is almost impossible to stop.

To make matters worse, some apps automatically change their name and icon making it more difficult to track and remove them from the device.

Most of these apps seem to be disguised as phone cleaning apps, meant to rid devices of unwanted software and errors. In fact, you simply do the exact opposite.

In order to help increase the number of downloads, cyber-thieves have connected these apps to social media sites.

Here are all the apps that Google has deleted, and if you install any of them it is essential that you find and remove them without delay. 

• Junk Cleaner.

• EasyCleaner.

• Power Doctor.

• Super Clean.

• Full Clean.

• Fingertip Cleaner.

• Quick Cleaner.

• Keep Clean.

• Windy Clean.

• Carpet Clean.

• Cool Clean.

• Strong Clean.

• Meteor Clean.

According to telemetry data from McAfee, these malware and its variants affect a wide range of countries that primarily include South Korea, Japan and Brazil, but have also been detected in the United Kingdom and the United States.

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