Nasrallah addressing Hizbullah electoral rally

9 May, 2022
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Nasrallah addressing Hizbullah electoral rally
  • Sayyed Nasrallah's speech during the big electoral festival in Tyre and Nabatieh

    Nasrallah: Those who want to defend Lebanon, extract its oil resources and protect its waters must vote for the resistance and its allies.

    Nasrallah: Some are saying that they won't vote for the resistance due to the economic crisis, but we say that the resistance will guarantee extracting oil and gas from the territorial waters in order to resolve the crisis.

    Nasrallah: This resistance is not a transient resistance and its people will not abandon it. This resistance is the resistance of Imam Sharafeddine, Imam al-Sadr, Sayyed Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah and Sheikh Mohammed Mahdi Shamseddine.

    Nasrallah: The elections will be a "political July War" and we will practice political resistance in the elections in order to preserve the military resistance

    Nasrallah to rivals: Even if Hizbullah is disarmed, the Americans will ask you to normalize with Israel and naturalize the Palestinians in Lebanon.

    Nasrallah: They want Lebanon to abandon its biggest strength for extracting its oil and gas.

    Nasrallah: I tell the Lebanese state and people that they have a brave resistance that can prevent the enemy from exploring for oil and gas.

    Nasrallah on offshore gas: Hundreds of billions of dollars are present in our sea and waters.

    Nasrallah: Those calling for disarming the resistance want Lebanon to be exposed to the Israeli army... Does Israel dare to bomb any area in Lebanon today?

    Nasrallah: Regardless of the army, the other problem will be taking a political decision to response to Israel.

    Nasrallah: We respect the army and it has a national creed and competent officers and soldiers, but is it capable of shouldering this responsibility at the moment?

    Nasrallah: We are ready to discuss a national defense strategy because we have reason and evidence.

    Nasrallah: They boycotted the dialogue table called for by the President because they do not want to engage in discussions.

    Nasrallah on those calling for disarming Hizbullah: They have not offered us an alternative (in the face of Israel).

    Nasrallah: Who will protect the South and Lebanon if the resistance abandons its duties.

    Nasrallah: The resistance is what's protecting Lebanon today.

    Nasrallah: Some in Lebanon acknowledge our resistance and liberation, but protecting Lebanon is also important.

    Nasrallah: The resistance in Lebanon defused the mines of sectarian strife after Israel's withdrawal from the South, contrary to what happened in other regions.

    Nasrallah: Those calling for abolishing the resistance and disarming it are overlooking achievements that are the greatest in Lebanon's history.

    Nasrallah responding to remarks by Geagea: Imam Moussa al-Sadr established the resistance and planned for it. Ever since he arrived in Lebanon, he called on the Lebanese state to protect the South from Israeli attacks.

    Nasrallah: We have not dared to say what Imam al-Sadr used to say (about Israel).

    Nasrallah: Imam al-Sadr had called for eradicating Israel.

    Nasrallah: The Lebanese state has been studying a defense strategy since 1975.

    Nasrallah: The residents of the South resorted to resistance due to the Lebanese state's abandonment of the South.

    Nasrallah: No one will be able to disarm the resistance.

    Nasrallah: They have recently resorted to falsification and disinformation.

    Nasrallah: Those saying that Israel attacked the South in response to Palestinian operations are ignorant or liars.

    Nasrallah: In the 1960s, Israel bombed the al-Wazzani project.

    Nasrallah: In the 1950s, the enemy's army used to enter into southern villages and to even kidnap security forces.

    Nasrallah: Israel displaced the residents of the border towns and carried out a horrible massacre in Houla prior to the establishment of any resistance movement.

    Nasrallah: A political leader said during national dialogue that Israel has not aggressed against Lebanon.

    Nasrallah: I would have liked to be among you in person, but this is part of the battle's requirements.

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