Photos&Video: The 40th March of Ashura in Dearborn

19 September, 2022
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Photos&Video:  The 40th March of Ashura in Dearborn

Thousands of Muslims  from the Arab community marched to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Imam al-Husain (as) in Dearborn.

Escorted by Dearborn police, the procession started from Karbalaa Islamic Center to Ford Woods Park. 

With the participation of thousands of the lovers of Ahl al-Bayt, Dearborn has witnessed on Sunday September 18, a mass march for justice renewing the pledge to the martyr of Karbala Imam al-Husain (as) and recalling the Ashura epic.

When the crowd reached the park, many speeches were delivered in the spirt of this commemoration. Participants rhythmically sway their arms and tap their chests while chanting religious tributes called latmiya. Many waved large flags carrying depictions of Imam Hussain and the battles he led.

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