The effects of daily makeup on the skin.

4 August, 2022
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The effects of daily makeup on the skin.

Despite the benefits of makeup in enhancing the beauty of women and increasing their self-confidence, and giving them an elegant look, the use of makeup on the skin on a daily basis causes many problems, because makeup contains harsh and unfriendly chemical components that can cause itching and lead to early wrinkles.

The main effects of daily makeup on the skin:

Clogs skin pores

If you wear makeup regularly, and leave makeup products on your skin for a long time, there is a chance that your skin pores will become clogged

It causes premature aging of the skin

Using makeup on a daily basis causes wrinkles to appear early.

It leads to acne and pimples

The daily use of makeup increases the frequent appearance of pimples, acne and blackheads, especially on oily skin

It changes skin color

Leaving makeup on the skin for long hours increases the negative impact on collagen production, which weakens the skin.

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