The King of Tik Tok.. Xabi Lam participates in the promotion of the World Cup in Qatar

30 September, 2022
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The King of Tik Tok.. Xabi Lam participates in the promotion of the World Cup in Qatar

Tweeters broadcast clips and pictures of the arrival of Xabi Lam of Senegalese origin, nicknamed "Tik Tok" king, to Qatar, where he participates in the official announcement of the Qatar World Cup 2022 for the benefit of Qatar National Bank (QNB).

Khabe, the star of the "Tik Tok" application on social media, became the brand ambassador of QNB - the official bank for the Qatar World Cup 2022 -.

And the QNB account on "Instagram" published an advertisement in which Khabe appeared, in which he stated, "Qatar National Bank presents you the most famous personality in the world," and the image of Khabe Lam with his famous movement of raising his hands.

Qatari Mabkhout Al-Marri, through his account on Instagram, published scenes of Khabi Lam's arrival in Qatar, and he appeared in a video clip on the "Story" feature performing dances with his hands inside the car, while he appeared in another clip behind the scenes of his participation in the official announcement of the World Cup. 

Qatar National Bank is the official supporter of the Qatar 2022 World Cup in the Middle East and Africa, which will open next November in the Qatari capital, Doha, in the first organization in the Middle East.

In a statement reported by the Qatari newspaper, Al-Sharq, Khabi said, "I am happy to be the ambassador of QNB during the Qatar 2022 World Cup. I think we are very similar, we both set our dreams and we both achieved the impossible."

And last August, Javi Lam, 22, obtained Italian citizenship, after years of waiting. 

Xabi Lam has been living in Italy since his childhood, and he has gained worldwide fame due to the funny content of his account and is followed by 150 million people on "Tik Tok".

Khabe Lam was mainly famous for broadcasting silent clips mocking videos spread on social networking sites, gaining millions of followers through the "Tik Tok" application in record time.

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