The roof of a stadium in Chile collapses... and a video monitors the horror

1 October, 2022
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The roof of a stadium in Chile collapses... and a video monitors the horror

The pioneers of the communication sites circulated a video showing the first moments of the collapse of a part of a stadium in Chile, in an accident that injured a number of fans.

The incident occurred at the Monumental Stadium in Santiago, the capital of Chile, on Friday, during a training session for the Colo Colo club.

And things were going well, according to the video, as hundreds of team supporters were waving their hands and flags, while others were filming training with their smartphones, but suddenly the collapse occurred.

The video showed moments of the collapse of a wall on which many fans were, and then the footage that was filmed by the camera was disturbed. At least five people were injured as a result of the avalanche, Agence France-Presse said.

Chilean authorities stated that 40,000 Colo Colo supporters were present at the time of the accident.

The training comes ahead of Sunday's derby, where Colo Colo will face Universidad Católica.

The Colo-Colo club said in a statement: "We regret the events that occurred today, where a group of people did not respect the minimum standards of behavior by climbing a structure for publicity, which caused his downfall."

He added: "Unfortunately, some of the participants in climbing the structure were injured and taken to the nearest medical center."

It is noteworthy that a local cup match between Católica and Universidad de Chile was suspended on Wednesday, after a goalkeeper was injured by fireworks.


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