“There is something wrong” .. catastrophic numbers and an attack on Salah after the Tottenham night

8 May, 2022
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“There is something wrong” .. catastrophic numbers and an attack on Salah after the Tottenham night

Liverpool suffered a setback that could cost him the league title, Saturday evening, after his draw with Tottenham Hotspur, in a "disastrous" meeting for Egyptian star Mohamed Salah.

And Liverpool was satisfied with a 1-1 draw with its guest Tottenham, giving the opportunity to leaders Manchester City, to expand the difference to 3 points, in the event of its victory over Newcastle on Sunday.

Salah presented a poor level during the meeting, days after receiving the Critics' Award for the best player in the English Premier League.

Salah got the worst rating among Liverpool players, according to several sports websites, most notably the “Hoscord” website, which specializes in evaluating players.

Catastrophic numbers

Salah recorded "disastrous" statistics during the meeting, which were widely spread on social media.

Within 90 minutes, Salah failed to implement any correct cross or shot on the goal, and lost the ball 20 times, in addition to his failure to score or create goals.

Salah also succeeded with one correct dribble, and he excelled in the doubles 5 times out of 13 attempts, and succeeded with only 19 correct passes.

Reasons for backtracking

And the newspaper "Liverpool Echo" indicated that fatigue began to affect Salah, which is the reason for the significant decline, due to his many participations with the club and the national team this season.

The Daily Mail described his performance as "disappointing", and gave him the lowest rating in the interview.

One Liverpool fan wrote on Twitter: "Maybe I'm different but who like me feels more confident whenever Luis Diaz gets the ball instead of Salah?"

Another wrote: "I'd rather we get rid of Salah than give him £400,000 a week. He hasn't given us anything since December."

Another fan wrote on Twitter: "I know how much you defended Salah over the past few months, but please, can we stop over defending him. He's been awful for several months and last night's performance is absolutely awful. There wasn't a single good touch. Something went wrong. with this man

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