Things not to keep in a child's room.

27 September, 2022
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Things not to keep in a child's room.

The playroom or child's bedroom should be a happy place, you just have to make the room as comfortable and cozy as possible.

Unstable heavy furniture

Furniture should not be unmounted to the wall in the child's room; Experts recommend that any type of heavy furniture tables, beds and unstable chairs can be easy for a child to tip over and injure themselves.

wired windows

Windows let fresh air and sunlight into the room, but if left unsupervised they can quickly become a suffocation hazard for your child.

For example, curtains with long strings and loops can make it easier for a child to get into his mouth and put him at risk of suffocation, and it can also be easy for him to reach windows.

Secure the windows tightly, and make sure there is enough space to keep the child safe.

Exposed appliances and sockets

Any child-hazardous appliances, such as exposed wall sockets, and child-accessible appliances, may cause injury.

Loose screws may also increase the risk of suffocation if your child swallows them, and large appliances, such as table lamps, that can be pulled are also dangerous.

Fantasy lights and pillows

Some of the decorations and furniture for children's rooms, which are spread on social media, are really bad. It is best to avoid additions such as curtains, fairy lights, and pillows in a child's room.


No matter how young or old your child is; The risks of having a TV in his room contribute to increased viewing time, which in turn can lead to additional health problems such as risks of obesity, poor eating habits, cognitive deficits, growth and sleep disturbances.

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