United Nations: 3 dead and 28 missing after a migrant boat sank off Yemen

8 November, 2022
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United Nations: 3 dead and 28 missing after a migrant boat sank off Yemen

The United Nations announced that 3 people were killed and 28 others missing, when a boat carrying African migrants sank off Yemen late last month.

The United Nations Migration Agency said in a statement that the overcrowded boat was carrying 30 East African migrants who left Djibouti for the west coast of Yemen on October 30.

Eyewitnesses told the international organization that the boat quickly sank "due to the tides and rocks."

The organization added that three bodies had been recovered

About 54,000 migrants have left the Horn of Africa, heading to the Arab Gulf states, since the beginning of this year, according to United Nations statistics.

Most of them cross the 50-kilometre Bab al-Mandab strait separating Djibouti and Yemen, in small boats belonging to a network of people smugglers.

Many migrants drowned while trying to cross, and in the past, human rights groups accused smugglers of throwing people into the sea to lighten boats.

The vast majority of migrants who arrive in Yemen come from East Africa, then cross the border into Saudi Arabia, from which they seek to reach other Gulf states in search of work.

Few make the journey, however. Some 43,800 migrants are believed to be stranded in war-torn Yemen, where they are often detained or forcibly recruited as fighters for Yemen's warring factions, and may be killed in the crossfire there.

Most African migrants arriving in Yemen are fleeing conflict, famine and authoritarian regimes in several countries in the Horn of Africa, including Somalia, Eritrea and Ethiopia.

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