Video- A lion attacks a zookeeper in Jamaica and ripped his finger off!

23 May, 2022
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Video- A lion attacks a zookeeper in Jamaica and ripped his finger off!

A zookeeper in Jamaica experienced a moment of horror after a lion attacked him in broad daylight in front of visitors.

Having provoked the predator, trying to touch him, and putting his finger in his mouth without paying attention to his roar and snarl, the lion lost his patience, and they chomped on the finger of the boastful worker.

And he closed his huge fangs on the man's hand, without being able to escape, according to what the British newspaper "The Sun" reported.

While a video clip showed these moments of terror that the man lived through as he screamed, trying to pull his finger from between the lion's fangs, amid the astonishment of the audience.

The guard also tried to pull his right arm through his left hand with all his might, using his foot as well.

'Panic has begun'

 Commenting on that incident, an eyewitness said that she initially thought it was a joke, saying: "I did not realize how serious the guard's behavior was, because his job is to make a show, in addition to taking care of the animals in the park."

"Obviously when the man fell to the ground, everyone realized that it was dangerous, and panic started," she added.

She also explained that despite the guard's injuries, he managed to get away and board a truck before he drove off, apparently to the nearest hospital.

Regarding the extent of the injury, she indicated that the skin had completely disappeared, as well as the first joint of his finger.

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