Video- A strange accident hits a plane... It's "raining" inside

15 June, 2022
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Video- A strange accident hits a plane... It's "raining" inside

A British Airways plane has caused chaos, after a strange and large water leak occurred inside the passenger cabin.

The British newspaper, "The Sun", which obtained a video documenting the incident, said that the crew of the British Airways plane tried in vain to stop the leakage of water, which was falling like rain.

The problem with this leak is that it occurred while the plane was flying at an altitude of 9 thousand meters, that is, above the clouds.

The plane had left Heathrow Airport in London, last Friday, and landed at Washington, DC, the next day.

Fortunately, the leak occurred towards the end of the trip.  The plane, an Airbus A380, consists of two floors, and can accommodate more than 500 passengers.

British Airways has admitted that there was a malfunction in the water tank unit at the rear of the plane, which led to the flooding of the tray area used by economy class passengers on the plane.

This event raised a state of anxiety among some passengers.

The company played down the seriousness of what happened, considering that there was nothing related to the safety of the plane, noting that the valve was replaced and the defect was addressed.

The plane was able to return to Britain on the same day it arrived in Washington.

This is a very strange incident, according to "The Sun," and an employee at British Airways said that he had not encountered something like this since joining the company three and a half years ago.

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